Fishing at Holbox Island

Classic Bottom or Deep Sea Fishing both equally fun

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Holbox is typical fishing village with white sandy streets and wooden houses.

Eventhough a lot of locals work in the Tourist Industry; Fishing is still the locals main economic activity. Don't be surprised if anyone asks you to join them in their fishing day.

Fishing is mostly excellent but you must keep in mind that sudden weather changes might affect your catch of the day. It is very common to catch Sea trouts, Mahi- Mahi, Mackerels, Wahoo and Barracudas. You can cook your own catch or you can have the captain prepare a delicious ceviche on board for you.

There are several restaurants in Holbox Island that will cook your catch for you.

Thera are three types of fishing tours available in Holbox Island.

Bottom or Mini Fishing: Takes place in the nearby shores surrounding Holbox Island.Sea trout is the target for this kind of fishing tour and it makes a wonderful ceviche.

Deep Sea or Master Fishing: Takes place a bit further into the ocean in the search for bigger fish.Catch and Release is well seen by the locals unles you are really going to eat the fish.

Fly Fishing (Tarpoon): Fly Fishing for Tarpoon is very common in Holbox Island since it can be considered a Tarpoon Paradise as well. Catch and Releaseis widely supported.