Pizza Roots


Roots Pizza

If you are looking to try Holbox Island’s most representative dish “Lobster Pizza” you can do so a few steps away from the central park in a surrounding tropical atmosphere, a unique and colorful Pizza parlor where the cracking of blazing red fire-wood slowly blend multiple ingredients into a perfect harmony of smoky flavors.

Wood-fired tastes better

Their specialty is the Lobster Pizza and their wood-fired oven leaves a delicious smoky taste to all of the unconventional pizza combinations that come out of it, like the “Poblana Pizza” made with “Mole”, Chicken and onions or the “Oaxaqueña Special” with exotic grasshoppers and mushrooms, how about the “Yucatec Pizza” with Pibil pork an ancient recipe from this region.

Roots Pizza shatters the conventional Pizza by adding truly mexican flavors into a crunchy crust pizza.

A truly Mexican Bar

A series of unprecedented cocktails are brewed with 100% mexican distilled regional liquors such as: Bacanora, Mezcal, Raicilla, sotol and Tequila.